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NHS Service

   Sister Gill Dyer & Team

The Oxford OesophagoGastric service provides a regional service for the management of all oesophageal and gastric diseases. Following the government�s decision to centralise treatment for oesophageal and gastric cancer, patients are now referred from other areas (Swindon, High Wycombe, Milton Keynes, Stoke Mandeville, Banbury) to Oxford for treatment. The population served by The Oxford OesophagoGastric Centre is now over 1.6 million.

All patients referred are managed by a multidisciplinary team (MDT). This team consists of three surgeons, three oncologists, radiologists, histopathologists, specialists nurses and dietician, and palliative care. The MDT meets weekly, and there is a weekly Wednesday afternoon clinic attended by the three surgeons, nurse specialists and dietician.

 Entrance to Upper GI ward

Currently around 100 major stomach and oesophagus cancers resections are carried out per year. There is an active research programme, with patients being recruited into a number of local and national clinical trials.

In addition to the cancer work, the surgical team carries out a full range of benign surgery, including laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery for gallbladder disease, hiatus hernia, achalasia and splenectomy.

A bariatric surgery service for morbid obesity was set up in 2008, and a full multidisciplinary team (surgeons, dietician, nurse specialist, metabolic physician, psychologist) has a weekly clinic. Surgery currently offered includes laparoscopic gastric banding, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.

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